About Syed diet Gluten-free Products

Switching to a gluten-free diet is a big change and like
anything new, it takes some time getting used to. However, try to stay positive and focus on all the foods you can eat. You may also be pleasantly surprised to realize how many gluten-free products, such as Flour (Atta), Biscuits, Porridge, Spaghetti Salanty, Porridges, Cake Rusk and Baking Flour are now available.

If you're just starting with a gluten-free diet, it's a good idea to consult a dietitian who can answer your questions and offer advice about Syed Diet Products to avoid gluten while still eating a healthy, balanced diet Flour and our other sensational products.

What Is Gluten?

Gluten refers to the proteins found in wheat endosperm
(a type of tissue produced in seeds that's ground to make flour). Gluten both nourishes plant embryos during germination and later affects the elasticity of dough, which in turn affects the chewiness of baked wheat products.

Though "true gluten" is sometimes defined as being specific to wheat, gluten is often said to be part of other cereal grains —

including rye, barley and various crossbreeds — because these grains also contain protein composites made from prolamins and glutelins.

Wheat Allergy!!

When someone is allergic to wheat, the body's immune
system, which normally fights infections, overreacts to proteins in the wheat. When the person eats something made with wheat, the body thinks that these proteins are harmful invaders.

The immune system responds by working very hard to fend off the invader. This causes an allergic reaction, in which chemicals like histamine are released in the body.

The release of these chemicals can cause someone to have these symptoms:
wheezing, trouble breathing, coughing, hoarseness, throat tightness, stomachache, vomiting, diarrhea, itchy, watery or swollen eyes, hives, red spots, swelling, a drop in blood pressure and causing lightheadedness or loss of consciousness.


Psoriasis is chronic skin disease where patches of red skin and thick silvery scales cover any part of the skin.

This condition is an autoimmune skin disease, where the immune system attacks healthy tissues because it mistakes them for unhealthy ones.

Diet has an important role to play in the treatment of psoriasis. If you are one of those suffering from this chronic skin disease, take heart because there are a few simple adjustments you can make in the diet you are consuming which will have a significant beneficial impact on psoriasis.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Some cannot digest this protein properly. In such cases, elimination of Gluten from the Diet can help control the symptoms of Psoriasis.

Syed Flour Mills & Oil Mills

Syed Flour Mills was established since 1980 in a Pakistan's fourth largest City Hyderabad.

Because of its dedication to providing quality products to all, it realized that people all over the country requires more for their Diabetes and Diet. Therefore in the Year-2004, it started research on Diet Products.

Syed Diet Products are not only for those who has Wheat Allergy (Celiac), Diabetes, Autistic (Special Children's /Persons), Psoriasis, Cholesterol, Arthritis and Blood Pressure but also for those who wants weight loss as well.